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car All locks require some type of regular maintenance, Locks can be temperamental when the weather is cold or rainy. There are some simple maintenance and common sense techniques that will keep any lock turning freely and in top operation mode. These methods will work on pad locks, deadbolts, or any other household locks. This should also be the first key to try if another key is having problems. Mark this key as not to forget, each time a key is cut from a duplicate it will be off just a little more. This also saves a person from wiggling the key and wearing out the pins inside the lock. If the key will not go in the lock properly or lock is stuck and it is indoors try a little Graphite in the lock.
Graphite comes in an applicator bottle put open end in the key hole and squeeze bottle slightly. This can be purchased at any hardware store and is easily applied. Graphite is messy so use with caution, it will come out of the container resembling dried oil. After this application put the key in the lock and work it in and out when it is loose proceed to turn the lock. One should lubricate locks annually or as needed to insure sticking does not happen at all. Lubricating the bolt as well as the lock will help it work freely and dependably.
Check screws in the locks from time to time to ensure they are there and are tight. If a screw is missing replace it by using the recommended screws for the lock and only pan head screws on the latch side of door. Maintaining locks in this fashion will give a person piece of mind and keep one from being locked out on a rainy night.

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