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Ever so often, more than a new lock, what customers really require is repair of their existing lock. This could be a door lock, a padlock, maybe just a key replacement, and so on. 
When looking for the right lock and key service for lock installation and security features, we have provided years of commitment and dedication to the craft. In order to install locks effectively, we utilize only the most reputable technicians and engage in the latest technologies  
All locks require some type of regular maintenance, Locks can be temperamental when the weather is cold or rainy. There are some simple maintenance and common sense techniques that will keep any lock turning freely and in top operation mode. These methods will work on pad locks, deadbolts, or any other household locks.  
We are an Authorized Multlock Interactive High Security Lock Dealer. 
Mortise locks are the reliable security equipment for home and commercial buildings from many years. At All Star Locksmith & Hardware, the most trusted locksmith company of Brooklyn, we understand the importance of Mortise locks installation, repairing and servicing. Therefore, we offer wide array of services for Mortise locks and installation is our main specialization. So, you can hire our experts for any kind of service related to mortise locks. 
At, All Star Locksmith & Hardware, we proud to offer premium quality locksmith along with welcoming servicing include installation, repair, upgrading and maintenance. Improving your home security and installing modified locks such as Tubular deadlock, you can effectively protect your home or commercial premise from number of burglars or intruders having bad eye on your property. Have you ever heard about this high-tech lock? If no and facing lots of issues regarding home security, just consider our services for Tubular deadlock installation. 
Jimmy-proof locks have always been in great demand among people to obtain utmost security of residential as well as commercial spaces. They are designed with excellent features and maximize the resistance of threat of theft. Such locks are available in different forms and demand high quality installation. Therefore, with assistance of our efficient, affordable and dependable jimmy proof installation services clients can obtain outstanding installation as per their convenience. Our excellent knowledge of jimmy-proof locks and professional mannerism has made us the first choice of clients and customers.  
All Star Locksmith & Hardware will provide you all types of lock as well as repair, installation, and maintenance services. We serve the entire Brooklyn Area. Our lever handle lock is ideal for your home. These locks are ranging from classic, simple, to elegance and stylish design. Lever handle lock will effectively fit to your home as well as office. You can opt for unique designs of lever locks from our wide collection. You will be provided with convenient and fast lever handle lock installation. All our locksmith experts are licensed and certified. We have a team of professional and experienced technicians. 
It is very important to know about these devices. These special Electric Strike devices are specifically designed for door applications. These devices replace the fixed strike faceplate, or metal plate that attaches to a door jamb and includes holes used by the door bolt. This one of all our devices is in higher demand among our people and clients as it provides the complete security to your working place or area.  
Whether you want to protect your car, home or office cabinets can go for keypad lock installation services, offering extra level of security that a key alone cannot provide. At, All Star Locksmith & Hardware we serve customers with the installation of the premier quality locksmith and other security accessories. Keypad installation amazingly protects your home or commercial places round the clock just you need to remember the code number that unlocks the door.  
We are offering Door Closers which are made to provide high security to the doors to access. A door closer is a mechanical device that closes a door, in general after someone opens it, or after it was automatically opened. You can make choice of your security guard system and get this high quality Door Closer locks for your place. We are offering an extensive variety of a door closer and your choice can involve the consideration of a variety of criteria. These special locks provide you complete security and in addition to the closers performance in fire situations.  
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